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Safety At Work

The National Safety Council was founded in 1913 to make workplaces safer for employees. More than a century later, workers are safer. People are nine times more likely to die from a preventable injury off the job than at work.

But we have more to do. Workplace fatalities increased in 2014 for the first time in four years, and about 13 people die and nearly 13,000 are injured every day as a result of workplace incidents.

In 2016, We made workplaces safer



HOSTED THE 2016 NSC CONGRESS & EXPO, the largest in NSC history, drawing more than 15,000 professionals from 60 countries and more than 1,000 exhibitors.

PRESENTED THE ROBERT W. CAMPBELL AWARD for outstanding performance in safety; Green Cross for Safety® Awards for Safety Excellence, Safety Innovation and Safety Advocate; Distinguished Service to Safety Award; and NSC Rising Stars of Safety awards for professionals under age 40.

RECOGNIZED SEVEN CEOs Who ‘Get It’ through the Council’s Safety+Health® magazine.

WELCOMED 1,700 NEW MEMBERS to the Council.

WELCOMED AES, Ingredion, Exelon, DTE Energy, MTA and ISN as new members of the Campbell Institute.

ADVOCATED FOR SAFE WORKPLACES with federal and state agencies.



CONVENED A BLUE RIBBON PANEL of researchers, safety professionals and government representatives to examine the hazards of fatigue in the workplace. The panelists contributed their insight and knowledge as we identify strategies, priorities and opportunities to combat worker fatigue.

RELEASED NEW FIRST AID AND CPR guidelines working with the America Red Cross and American Heart Association. NSC participated in the International Consensus on CPR and ECC Science Conference, held once every five years.

RELEASED A CASE STUDY on the responsibilities of staffing companies and host employers for temporary worker safety and how each entity can take proactive steps to protect the temporary workforce.

SHARED SURVEY RESULTS showing 33% of employees across the nation believe safety takes a back seat to productivity at their organizations, with the percentage even higher among employees in high-risk industries.

DISTRIBUTED TWO NEW CAMPBELL INSTITUTE white paper: Workplace Wellbeing, and Profiles in Sustainability.



DEVELOPED THE SAFETY STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE program with the American Staffing Association to help staffing companies and their clients work together to improve temporary worker safety. The first Safety Standard of Excellence Mark was awarded in October, and nine additional staffing firms have registered for the program.

CREATED A CUSTOM SAFETY PARTICIPATION program for the Metals Service Center Institute and its members, providing customized recognition and safety training resources for them.

DEVELOPED THE NSC EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM, which includes training on active shooter response.

CELEBRATED THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY of the Journey to Safety Excellence® campaign. The 5,000th registrant was recorded in 2016.

PRODUCED 60-SECOND ANIMATION VIDEOS that engage employees by bringing dozens of safety topics to life.

TRAINED THE 2,000th SUPERVISOR on Safety Best Practices for ThyssenKrupp.

TRAINED 500,000 first aid responders.

DELIVERED WORKPLACE AND DRIVER SAFETY TRAINING in packaged, classroom, private on-site and online formats to hundreds of thousands of people.