Impairment is often a hidden risk that prevents someone from being at their best and able to perform their job safely. On the roadway, impairment can kill. At work, impairment negatively affects safety in both seen and unseen ways, including impacting the business bottom line.

NSC works to ensure people are ready to work and drive safely by giving employers the tools they need to protect their employees and address issues such as opioid and cannabis misuse, fatigue, mental health and more.


Overhauled the Substance Use Cost Calculator in partnership with NORC at the University of Chicago and ongoing funding from Nationwide to ensure employers understand the real cost of substance misuse among employees

Conducted a comprehensive research review on youth prescription opioid misuse in partnership with the University of Michigan

Launched a Fatigue Risk Management Toolkit for 4 highest risk industries

Delivered multiple mental health resources and webinars

Awarded the Green Cross for Safety Advocate Award, sponsored by FirstGroup, to Save the Michaels of the World for their education and support efforts for families during a loved one’s journey through addiction and into remission

Unveiled a comprehensive National Plan to Address Opioid Misuse in participation with more than 65 national organizations, calling on presidential candidates to close gaps in existing opioid response strategies

Provided funding to McMaster University to research opioid efficacy and safety, with published results in the Annals of Internal Medicine medical journal

Published an issue paper about mental health’s impact on safety to help establish NSC as a mental health resource

Renewed support of proposed drug treatment and rehabilitation center in Itasca, Illinois

Expanded partnerships by bringing on two new Physician Speakers Bureau members